We help Chicago teens become confident, technology-savvy multimedia journalists.

Medill Media Teens is a program that introduces Chicago-area high school students to the fundamentals of multimedia reporting under the guidance of Medill faculty and undergraduate mentors, who eventually  work for national media outlets. For nearly a decade, graduates of the program have been accepted into top journalism schools and colleges throughout the country.

“I love working with students and sharing journalism—helping others tell stories is such a joy.”

––Alex Wong, a Medill mentor

“Medill Media Teens helped me … to work productively with my peers and combine our ideas.”

––Diana Tassy, King College Prep in Chicago

Andrew Cao, a second-year mentor,  discusses camera basics during a  Nov. 17, 2018, session at Urban Broadcast Media in Chicago, before the high school journalists hit  the streets to apply their newly learned skills.
 Alex Wong and Cassidy Wang (video)  discuss interviewing techniques at the Medill School of Journalism newsroom in downtown Chicago.   Below, center,  Susanna Kemp (left) and  Wang lead a session on the basics of reporting.