Teens and mentors/2018-2019

Emely Basora,  a junior at Gary Comer College Prep, wants to gain greater insight into how media outlets produce  accurate and informative content for today’s audience.

Tajania Berry, a junior at Gary Comer College Prep, wants to explore  photography, video and audio as well as website production.  Tajania says she hopes to re-create her YouTube channel.

Cameron Eskridge, a junior at South Shore High School, is back for  his second year with the Medill Media Teens program in which he demonstrated a sharp learning curve and the ability to think fast on his feet while doing newscasts.


Michelle Gongora, a junior at Back of the Yards College Prep, aspires  to be a “true journalist.” Michelle believes being a reporter is not just about informing and entertaining, but with the right words, she says, writing can impact people’s lives.


Austin Honeycutt, a senior at Gary Comer College  Prep, where he plays third base on the baseball team.   Austin is in his second year of the program, building on what he learned and applied last year. He hopes to attend UCLA after graduation.

Ariana McEntee, a junior at  Gary Comer College Prep, says she joined Medill Media Teens so she could learn how to write and produce meaningful stories that have impact on others.

Angeles Munoz, a junior at Back of the Yards College Prep, works as a photographer on the school’s newspaper.  Angeles believes Media Teens will provide an opportunity to sharpen her journalistic skills and to expand her circle of friends.

Ruth Orozco, a junior at Back of the Yards College Prep, sees the power of multimedia as a way to adding a much-needed perspective to her community’s issues– and creating positive change.

Diana Tassy,  a senior at King College Prep  High School, returned to her second year of Media Teens.  In addition to bing involved with extracurriculars at King, Diana also works for Free Spirit Media, producing multimedia content.  Diana also wants to pursue nursing as her contribution to the community.

Brianna Taylor, a senior at Gary Comer College Prep and second-year Medill teen,  seeks to master the multimedia skills that she learned in the program last year.



Andrew Cao is a senior at Northwestern studying journalism and minoring in cognitive science and philosophy. Last year was his first year with the Medill Media Teens, and he said he “loved it so much,” he returned this year. In terms of extracurriculars, Andrew is the editor-in-chief for the Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal, combining his interests in research and journalism. Outside of school, he enjoys running, reading and doing CrossFit.

Joshua Irvine, a sophomore, Medill School of Journalism, wants to make people’s lives better. He desires to share the solid journalism skills that he learned as a former co-editor of his high school paper and as a member of Illinois’ All State Journalism Team. He enjoys sharing his pearls of wisdom and training people who have the same passion.  Joshua, who reports and writes for The Daily Northwestern,  signed up to be a mentor because he wanted to do something that matters.

Susanna Kemp is a sophomore and journalism major from the Boston area. She was the editor in chief of her high school newspaper, The Sagamore. At Northwestern, she is an anchor for WNUR News. When she’s not in class, Susanna likes eating peanut butter by the spoonful, trying to convince people that cats are cooler than dogs, and going on runs with friends.

Adam Mahoney is a third-year Posse Foundation Scholar currently majoring in journalism and sociology at Northwestern University. Although he doesn’t know if he wants to pursue a traditional career in journalism, he knows his future will be on the intersection of social justice and the development of a more equitable, global world. He hopes to serve as a role model for the mentees in the Medill Media Teens program, while advocating for more diversity and representation in our current media sphere.

Joey Safchik (she/her/hers) is a junior at Northwestern University, where she majors in journalism, with minors in international studies and theatre. She is a Los Angeles native and avocado toast is her favorite food. At Northwestern, Joey is the executive producer, anchor and political reporter for Northwestern News Network, NU’s student-run broadcast news station. She is also on the Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, participates in the student theatre scene and is a peer adviser. Joey could not be more excited to be a mentor this year!


Saira Singh is currently a reporter and the digital producer for Northwestern News Network. Saira also worked  on the video production team as a Medill Journalism Cherub. As a high school sophomore, Saira says the editor-in-chief fueled her passion for journalism. When she became editor-in-chief, she tried to inspire her staff in the same manner. During her stint at the paper, she redesigned the website and created social media accounts. 






Heena Srivastava is a third-year mentor with Medill Media Teens and is majoring in journalism and political science. She’s from the suburbs right outside Chicago and grew up with great loyalty to the city. Heena  spends her time writing for the school newspaper, performing with her Indian dance team, and working with various social justice organizations.  For Heena,  Medill Media Teens is about sharing the excitement of journalism with driven high school students. This year, she is most excited to see the teens grow in both their skillsets and their enthusiasm for the craft.

Aaron Wang is an international student from Shanghai, China, and became interested in nonfiction writings during high school. Aaron, who currently writes for The Daily Northwestern, initiated a student media group that shared stories of people like janitors, librarians, security guards and students with unconventional passions. Aaron interned at a media company last summer and wrote a story of a teenager from an ethnic minority group working in Shanghai to earn his college tuition.


Cassidy Wang found mentoring and teaching eager, younger journalists as one of the most rewarding aspects of her job as editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper. She enjoyed creating lesson plans on the basics of finding stories, writing leads, creating podcasts, etc. Serving as a mentor for Medill Media Teens allows Cassidy to continue her passion for teaching younger journalists. Cassidy, who writes for The Daily Northwestern, wants to stimulate the high schoolers’ interest in storytelling.

Alex Wong is a sophomore journalism major, also interested in sociology and creative writing. In high school, he worked as his school paper’s editor-in-chief, with a focus on improving outreach to underrepresented groups, and has worked for The Daily Northwestern. Beyond journalism, he loves rock climbing, backpacking or a good book. He’s psyched to be helping Chicago teens with journalism this year!



Michael A. Deas, director, m-deas@northwestern.edu

Marjorie Geraci, program assistant, Pre-Collegiate Programs, marjorie.geraci@northwestern.edu  

Alexandria Jacobson, former interim director/ former mentor

Sarahmaria Gomez, former director